By Michelle Reynolds, Staff Writer

While some people look at the calendar and see today as only May 4, dedicated fans will see something more. Today is also known as Star Wars Day.

Star Wars is a worldwide pop culture phenomenon that all started on May 25, 1977 when the first film in the blockbuster series, “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” was released. From there the phenomenon grew, featuring comic books, novels for all ages, a Church of Jediism for those fans who are looking for a place that offers Jedi weddings and ceremonies and much more. With numerous live action movies filled with major stars and featuring fun cameos with equally famous stars, their next movie, “The Last Jedi,” is set to be released this December, and at least one movie is to be released every year till 2020.

There is no appropriate way to celebrate Star Wars Day, it all depends on the fan. Some celebrate by binge watching all the Star Wars movies and TV series, some play Star Wars themed board games like Star Wars Monopoly, some bake tasty Star Wars themed desserts like pretzels dipped in chocolate lightsabers, others don costumes (Dips on Darth Vader), while others spread the legacy by inviting a non-Star Wars friend over to watch the Star Wars movies or shows with them. Either way there is no wrong way to celebrate on this force-filled day

To all those students who are too busy cramming their faces in their notes and stressing over the upcoming finals, here is a word of encouragement. Always remember, the force is strong with you.

With no death star in our immediate future, there is no reason not to celebrate. Break out the lightsabers, bring out the blue milk and let us have an extra-stellar day this Star Wars Day. May the fourth (force) be with you.