By Lori Dresner, Managing Editor/News Editor


Reported property damage and thefts from parked cars over the span of two days prompted a Clery Timely Warning to be sent out to the University of Missouri-St. Louis community via the UMSL Alert System on September 21.

According to the warning, an incident was captured on surveillance footage where four individuals entered the South Campus Parking Garage (SCPG) at 12:07 a.m. on September 20. The individuals broke into several unoccupied vehicles, damaged several vehicles, and removed small personal items that had been left in the parked vehicles. Still images of the suspects accompanied the email.

Later on September 20, another student reported to their vehicle parked in Lot VV, and a student whose vehicle was parked at University Meadows reported that someone had gone through items in their car overnight but nothing was taken. Another reported the theft of a debit card from their vehicle in Lot XX.

The UMSL Police Department asked anyone with information on the incidents to contact Detective Tawanna Binghman by phone at 314-516-5160 or via email at