Last Wednesday, in the quad between the Social Science Building and Clark Hall, student organizations at the University of Missouri-St. Louis came together on mutual ground to show students on campus what the university has to offer.

As students streamed into the quad, rushing to their next destination, they were greeted by a sea of red and white carnival tents.

A student was sure to find a club that would satisfy their need for a social life in a world of academia. The U student radio station was present, along with Black Leadership Organizing Counsel, Psychology Club, Student Government Association, etc.

Every tent offered something different, popcorn: sno-cones, buttons, etc. The humidity outside caused the sno-cones to be a crowd favorite. Aside from the humidity, all was right with the whether until the wind threatened to tear down the carnival tents.

Planted directly in front of the Clark Hall entrance was Pre-Med Society member Dorian West, junior, biology, who, without hesitation, relied on his presence alone to convince students of the benefit of joining Pre-Med Society. According to West, the main purpose of the society is to help students get into medical school whether that involves the paperwork side of the application or vigorously studying for the MCAT’s, depending on one another for any unanswered questions.

“We focus on campus visits, not from just any med school, but med schools our members typically want to go to,” West said. “We are in St. Louis and a lot of our students aspire to go to Washington University, or they want to Harvard, or they want to go to Northwestern. So, we try to get those dream schools to come.”

The University Singers and Sigma Tau Gamma were found smack dab in the center of the social event, vying for the attention of the student body. University Singers tried to charm their way through the event with their pleasant harmonies. When they caught a fish (a student) they would pitch their group.

“University Singers offers our students the opportunity for a life-changing, musical experience and that is really our goal, because when you are just singing words and notes, that is all it is,” vice president of University Singers Bryan Ziegler, senior, music, said.

“It is just paper; ink and paper; black and white.”

Ziegler credits his experiences with the choir and his conductor, Dr. Jim Henry who makes the music jump off of the page and come to life.

Sigma Tau Gamma, a military-based fraternity, was founded by veterans from World War I in 1920.

“Our fraternity is like a home away from home,” Sigma Tau Gamma member Patrick Barry, sophomore, criminology, said. “What sets us apart is the fact that we are all there to lean on each other, help each other out.”

Walking back to the Millennium Student Center, one could not help but run into the tent of Office and Student Life. They were promoting Leadership and Training which provides leadership opportunities for all students on campus.

“We have a program for first-year students called Emerging Leaders; it basically takes place in the spring,” Coordinator of Leadership and Training, Nick Messing, said.

“Each freshman gets paired with an upperclassman mentor and it goes from January to April and they attend different leadership workshops throughout that.”  Leadership and Training has an advanced leaders program in the fall for upper-classman.

Towards the end of the three hour event, St. Louis Rams mascot Rampage graced the campus with his presence. He shimmied about with bowls of candy in each hand. A woman was so caught off guard that she tripped over a rock.

By: Ashley Atkins, Features Editor