Dustin Steinhoff, News Editor

There’s nothing worse than not being able to make a connection on Valentine’s Day, but that’s exactly what happened to the students and faculty of the University of Missouri–St. Louis when nearly all of the campus internet and network services went down Feb. 14.

Thursday, the UMSL data center experienced a power outage for unknown reasons. This outage resulted in causing all of UMSL’s campus-hosted data services to experience interruptions. Around 11 a.m., UMSL students and faculty members received a campus-wide email informing everyone of the UMSL data center outage.

The full list of affected services included applications/web apps, instructional support services, internet access, network-access, network-file shares, network-VPN, network-wired, network-wireless, printing services, SharePoint, telephone services and UMSL websites.

Despite telephone services being down on campus, the university ensured the UMSL community that the Campus Police could still be contacted at their regular line, 516-5155.

The power outage at the data center did not last long, as power was restored at about 12:30 p.m. In another campus-wide email, students and faculty were informed that campus internet and email services had been restored. However, a number of telephone and network services were still in the process of being repaired by UMSL Information Technology Services.

In the description of the power outage status on the UMSL Information Technology System Status page, an update was posted at 8:40 p.m. stating, “Many campus applications remain unavailable at this time. ITS expects replacement parts to be delivered Friday morning, and will continue to work to restore services.”

One of the services left without functionality was the online UMSL library database. Students were left unable to search the database for e-books and online journals as well as search for available physical copies. However, the library faculty was prepared for the situation as books were able to be manually checked out through the use of their personal data devices and knowledge to help students.

Power outages on campus are not completely uncommon, as library student worker Lindsey can attest to. “We have had two black-outs in the library in years prior, so we are accustomed to these kinds of malfunctions and have taken the steps to prepare ourselves,” Lindsey said.

At the time of writing, some telephone and network services are still down, but UMSL students and faculty will be informed when services have been restored if they have not been already.

Media Studies 2180 students contributed reporting to this piece.