By Kat Riddler, news editor for The Current

The clergy of the Greater St. Mark Family Church organized a meeting the night of November 6, for the Ferguson protests at the church. A University of Missouri—St. Louis student was attacked after attending this meeting. According to KSDK, about 40 minutes into the meeting, someone pointed out that a young man, who has been live streaming from the protests, had his cell phone and camera out. Several people reportedly attacked him.

Chris Schaefer, senior, business administration, says he was punched in the head, and kicked in the ribs and stomach. He suffered scrapes and bruises, and says he knows those injuries could have been much worse in his interview with KSDK.

He was reportedly pushed out of the meeting and pushed to the ground before another group from the meeting protected him, allowing Schaefer to flee to a Walgreens down the street. Someone called 911 and he was taken to the hospital where he posted a video online giving an update on his condition and the situation. Schaefer told KSDK that he never recorded the meeting or posted the meeting online. The leaders who helped organize the meeting publically apologized.

St. Louis County Police are investigating the incident and are searching for five to six suspects.


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