Joseph Salamon, News Editor

President Donald Trump returned to Missouri on March 14 to talk with workers and business executives at Boeing Co.

The main subject of the discussion was the progress of Trump’s tax plan, and how he claims it will save both families and companies billions of dollars. Trump listened to representatives from 10 companies in the metro area, hearing stories about how the “Tax Cut and Jobs Act” has allowed individual families to invest in health care or college funds for their children.

In broad strokes fashion, Trump announced that with this tax act “we helped Wall Street, we helped Main Street, we helped everybody.” Trump insisted that the tax act is entering a second phase, which he claims will help companies in addition to the middle class, but he and his fellow cabinet members were reluctant to discuss details of the new phase.

After his visit to Boeing Co., Trump also attended a fundraising event for Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, who is attempting to unseat Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill in the upcoming election. The event took place at the Frontenac Hilton and was closed to the press and public. Hawley served as the Missouri’s main liaison to Trump during his visit, as Governor Eric Greitens is in the middle of a felony indictment for invasion of privacy.