By Lori Dresner, Managing Editor/News Editor


It is not a coincidence that a number of people can be seen sporting red in the Millennium Student Center on Fridays at the University of Missouri-St. Louis this semester. Wearing red is part of a new initiative called Triton Red Friday that encourages school spirit by rewarding participants with several perks.

Assistant Dean of Students Miriam Roccia explained that Triton Red Friday serves a few purposes. She said, “Unofficially, for a lot of faculty and staff, Fridays have always been an opportunity to dress down a little bit while supporting our Tritons. Triton Red Friday is a way to encourage all members of the UMSL community to show off their Triton spirit. In addition, Fridays tend to be slower, traffic-wise, in the Millennium Student Center and on campus. We hoped this would encourage students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of a slower day and come hang out with us.”

Roccia said that although participants can wear any red shirt to receive the perks, they are encouraged to show off their Triton spirit and wear UMSL gear. The promotion is open to students, faculty, staff, and anyone else wearing red.

One of two campus partners involved in the initiative is the Triton Store. Those who wear red and shop at the Triton Store receive 25 percent off all UMSL clothing, gear, and gifts, excluding clearance items.

According to Stephanie Eaton, manager of the Triton Store, there has been a positive response to the Triton Red Friday promotion. She said that each Friday, the store has seen two to three more people than the previous week come in and take advantage of the discount. Although a few faculty and staff members have participated, Eaton said that the majority of people taking advantage of the discount have been students.

When asked why it is important for UMSL to have a promotion like Triton Red Friday, Eaton said, “We will literally do anything for school spirit. Between ‘Triton Tuesdays’ and ‘On Fridays We Wear Red’ we are promoting school spirit and giving back to the campus community in a way that we are able to.”

The second campus partner involved in Triton Red Friday is Sodexo, UMSL’s food service provider. Participants can take advantage of perks at Sodexo’s three dining venues in the MSC on Fridays. At Einstein Bros Bagels, they can receive a free 16 oz. coffee with the purchase of a bagel and shmear. Triton Treats is offering a five-dollar fill-your-cup of frozen yogurt. With an eight-dollar purchase at the Nosh, participants can receive a free cookie.

Samantha Kheim, the Unit Marketing Coordinator for Sodexo, said that a number of people have been taking advantage of the perks and freebies Sodexo is offering. Sodexo served nearly 600 people at their MSC locations on the Friday of September 23.

“Triton Red Fridays give faculty, staff, and students one day each week to show their UMSL pride and be rewarded for it. It builds spirit – not only in the MSC – but throughout campus,” Kheim said.

Triton Red Friday began August 26 and will run weekly on Fridays through December 16.

When asked whether the promotion will continue beyond this semester, Roccia said, “We hope that Triton Red Fridays will become a tradition in the Millennium Student Center at UMSL.”