Emma Pardo, News Editor

SAINT LOUIS- Not every family is fortunate enough to be blessed with opportunities as well as home goods. That is why two local St. Louis libraries are taking the time to partner up with the Saint Louis Area Diaper Bank to give back to the community.

Starting on Aug. 26, the Florissant Valley Branch and the Lewis and Clark Branch will be providing families in need with the opportunity to receive diapers as needed. Not only are these libraries providing diapers but they will also be giving referrals to families that need ongoing support. 

The Saint Louis Diaper Bank has been providing for families in need since April 2014 when its founder, Jessica Adam, heard a story on the radio from the director of the National Diaper Bank Network stating that the need for diapers is across the country. This inspired the organization of a local bank, after hearing that her community did not have a diaper bank. This became the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank.

In their first year of being an organization, the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank was able to hand out 4,500 diapers, with the next year growing to 20,000. And in February 2018, the bankhanded out their millionth diaper to families in need. 

As stated on their website, their mission remains, “ …  to help strengthen low-income families in the St. Louis region by ensuring access to an adequate supply of diapers, and by raising awareness about the causes and consequences of diaper need in our community.”

The Saint Louis County Library Facebook page recently posted, “We are excited to partner with St. Louis Area Diaper Bank to help fight diaper need in St. Louis County! Starting August 26, families can pick up a one-time supply of 50 diapers…”

Locals are very excited about these libraries giving back to the community. The Facebook post has reached over 230 shares and local residents who commented have expressed a great amount of enthusiasm as this problem for families can be helped by the community coming together.

Not only does this event helps families in need but it affects the attitude of residents that frequently use the participating libraries. “… Libraries are more than ‘Building with books,’” stated St. Louis resident Jackie Goldman. 

With diapers and monetary donations from the community, the diaper bank partners with existing organizations and services to help provide for different parts of the community and to keep the future of our communities clean, dry and happy.