Emma Pardo, News Editor

You’re driving along on a nightly commute home across town when you see a figure appear out of the shadows. The figure becomes more clear and you can identify its nature, it’s a human being dressed as a clown. Since you’re stopped the clown decides to turn and run at you. Being in your car you’re able to get away but still remain frightened. This is a reality for people across the country as they are discovering creepy clown sightings and testing their limits to see if the individual will harm them or break character. 

Tracing back to the short-lived fad in 2016, clown sightings like so have been recorded and exposed in many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. St. Louis resident Antonio Hopkins has seen these sightings on social media and said a few words on the subject, “I think this is a funny prank, to be honest I would run.” 

This series of events has returned three years later and speculations are pointing to the recent Warner Bros. release of “It: Chapter Two.” The movie features a dangerous clown that preys on innocent lives revealing gore and other scary formats to bring out fear in the viewer. 

Local community member Emily Sensmeyer has a fear of clowns and revealed her opinion with Halloween approaching. “This is absolutely terrifying, there is no way of trusting them. You cannot tell if they are ‘good clowns’ or ‘bad clowns.’” 

While some that pursue this act of pranking may be harmless there have been reports in Clarksville, Tennessee that one man dressed in a clown costume attempted to lure two children into his car. Luckily, the children ran from the scene and were not physically harmed. This sighting was then debunked as it was later reported that the older man dresses up as a clown on his birthday to hand out candy… That day was his birthday.

Sensmeyer added, “There are all types of freak accidents, kidnapping, murders or other harmful act that happen every year, how can you be so trusting as to go out and look for crazy people like so. Although it seems as though scary clowns are brought up through cinema, you never know who will be the one person to recreate the most haunting scenes.”

There are two different sides to every story and while the harmless prank side can lead to a good scare and a laugh later down the road the harmful side of things can be unpredictable and not easily tracked, if there even is a harmful side to this series of events. As long as Georgie is not hanging by the sewer with a red balloon nearby then the prank remains harmless.

Clowns can react in ways that appear uncanny. This is a mind trick to those sceptical on the subject which creates conflict and the unsafe feeling. Although there were many more sightings in 2016 than there were this year, this still creates fear in the local bystander which creates a lack of trust between community members and their neighbors.