Emma Pardo, News Editor

ST. LOUIS- As a college student, the university or institution you have chosen to attend is one that stood out from the rest. Your choice of institution, where you will spend the next four or more years studying, has the best possible teachers for you and most of all makes you feel welcome and as though your education matters. What if someone damaged school property that was something that made you feel accepted to the university?

On Aug. 26, it was brought to the attention of The Current staff writers that a poster outside the Chancellor’s office had been vandalized. This event happened quite some time ago in the 1990s. The poster states the guaranteed welcome and celebration of all people and that the University of Missouri–Saint Louis was inclusive of all minority persons. After looking at the poster, the main concern was the fact that the poster had been missing a minority group. 

This poster included the list of minority groups that Chancellor Touhill wanted to celebrate along with a picture of Touhill with UMSL students and staff that seemed to have been created in the ‘90s. While including other religions, race, sex, age, disbility and sexuality, it seems as though someone has covered up the sexuality group. This affects those who are members of the LGBTQ+ community, making them feel as though they are not welcome or celebrated.

The markings on the poster were made from the UM system due to a complaint by a Curator. This had a negative impact on students who have ties to and who support the LGBTQ community. After the progress of events was heard around campus and caused students and staff to chatter, the poster was removed on Monday, Sept. 9. 

After speaking with the very kind Harry Hawkins, who is the LGBTQ+ Coordinator for UMSL, he ended the conversation with some humbling words, “While this happened so long ago—I think I was still in diapers—you can see how far we have come as a school and community, from having a word covered on a poster to even having a LGBTQ+ planning committee.”

As times are changing, we are reminded of who we are as a community. Sometimes it is easy to lose track of that. “This reminds us to take a closer look at what is going on around us and what is posted on the walls,” said Hawkins.

After, there will be an event that will take place around the poster. October is just around the corner as it is LGBTQ+ History month. Therefore, on Oct. 2 the Office of Student Involvement and PRIZM will be hosting anevent called “Queer and Now: Erasure and Reclamation.” This event will be held at the Millenium Student Center inMeeting Room 314 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.