Christian Chen, Staff Writer

British sculptor Anish Kapoor has written a letter denouncing the National Rifle Association (NRA) for using video footage of one of his famous works, Cloud Gate, claiming that he is “disgusted to see his work used by the NRA to “promote their vile message.”

The video in question, “The Clenched Fist of Truth,” an advertisement narrated by NRA member Dana Loesch, included a shot of Cloud Gate. The video shows Kapoor’s work only fleetingly, as crowds move around it in a time-lapsed fashion, supposedly to crush the Second Amendment of the American Constitution. The NRA used “Cloud Gate” to suggest that these ideas constitute a “foreign object” in our midst. It is unclear why the NRA has singled out this piece of work.

In the video, Loesch claims that the NRA is “freedom’s safest place.” To Kapoor, however, the video seems to promote xenophobia, in an attempt to arm the population against an enemy that does not exist, in addition to stirring up fear and hate in America. In his letter addressing the NRA, Kapoor cited recent shootings in Florida, Las Vegas, Texas and other towns and cities across America as justification for calling for an accountability system for the NRA

Kapoor has said that NRA’s “nightmarish and intolerant” vision perverts everything that “Cloud Gate and America as a whole stand for. To him, art must be clear in its vision to recognize the dignity and humanity of all, regardless of creed or racial origin.