Kenna Gottschalk, Staff Writer

Safety has always been a concern of parents, but the concern for the safety of college students specifically is becoming more and more prevalent. Luckily, a new mobile safety app has been released to “provide innovative solutions to prepare better, respond faster and communicate more effectively during emergencies.” Rave Guardian is designed to help protect people no matter where they are. Their customers range from businesses, public policy agencies, higher education institutes and anyone else worried about their safety. Rave’s website shows that only “23% of students think their school is ‘extremely safe.’” Yet, only “31% of schools provide a campus safety app.”

Taking into account the number of cases shown in the news and on social media, these percentages are disappointing. Rave is aiming to make safety convenient and common among all college campuses.

The Rave app has many features that promote, implement and provide safety such as being able to set a safety timer for when you’re feeling unsafe walking or traveling somewhere, call local/campus police directly, submit tips anonymously, (if you choose to do so), a panic button and more. All of these tools make for a quick and easy way to look after one’s self and make safety a priority.

“By implementing Rave’s technology, we are better prepared to handle an active shooter and other campus emergencies,” Vice Chancellor of Rave Mobile Safety Brian Berry said.

Considering the horrifying amount of school shootings that have taken place in the past several years in America, it is reassuring to many to know that Rave is helping equip students, communities and businesses to know how to deal with a situation of that nature.

There are several success stories told by Rave users that have prevented a school shooting. One story in particular involved a student using the anonymous tip feature. Campus police of the University of South Florida received an anonymous tip that a student had a 0.25 caliber pistol in his dorm room. When a student was reported with a gun on campus, the campus police were able to instantly respond and learn the student’s identity and location through the Rave Eyewitness software.

Sexual assault and harassment, and many other traumatizing experiences are unfortunately a large struggle society faces today, but with the Rave Guardian app students and other users will be able to feel more empowered, secure and most importantly safe.