Dustin Steinhoff, Staff Writer

The University of Missouri-St. Louis students and faculty members are now able to receive free support in order to quit smoking through the University of Missouri-St. Louis Smoking Cessation Program, provided by UMSL Student Social Services.

Those wishing to quit smoking can receive free Nicotine Replacement patches, lozenges, and gum, one-on-one coaching, follow up appointments, and a personalized quit plan. One can sign up for a counseling appointment with UMSL’s smoking cessation coach Ashley Johnson at https://calendly.com/johnsonashley/tobacco-free-initial.

Benefits to quitting smoking can include reduced risks of smoking-related diseases, lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation, having more money, having more energy and more.

UMSL became completely tobacco-free on all indoor and outdoor campus property on January 1, 2012. The term “tobacco” refers to any type of use of tobacco or tobacco-like products such as cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, hookahs, etc. By prohibiting its use on all campus property, tobacco cannot be used in buildings, in parking lots/garages, outdoors or on sidewalks. The policy is applicable to all students, faculty, employees, visitors and the general public.

Off-campus support is also provided through the Missouri Tobacco Quitline, by calling 1-800-QUIT NOW or visiting www.quitnow.net. This program is free for eligible participants and provides many benefits. They help users decide that type and dose of quitting aides are right for the user. The user is sent a workbook with references to any situation to help the user stick to the quitting plan. Users have access to experts who provide support and assistance over the phone.

Between the smoking cessation support program and off-campus support, UMSL students and faculty have multiple resources to take advantage of if one wishes to quit smoking or using any other form of tobacco product.