By Lori Dresner, Managing Editor/News Editor


Attention, students—TritonSync is getting an upgrade!

As the University of Missouri–St. Louis prepares to close out another successful year, the Office of Student Involvement is moving right along with planning for the fall semester and preparing for summer events. Before many students leave campus for the summer, OSI would like to take this opportunity to preview one of the more substantial changes coming this fall.

TritonSync, also known as OrgSync, will be going through a substantial upgrade over the summer. Campus Labs, the primary competitor to OrgSync, recently purchased OrgSync. Prior to this merger, Campus Labs offered a software of their own called CollegiateLink. Following the merger, the two companies have worked hard to create a new, improved software. Starting this fall, UMSL is proud to introduce Campus Labs: Engage.

This transition will involve a significant amount of work and training as we learn how to use Engage. OSI will distribute details on training opportunities and support resources once Engage is officially implemented in the fall of 2017. Additionally, Student Involvement staff will undergo in-depth training throughout the summer and prepare to educate students, faculty, and staff during the fall semester. Until then, here are the most important things for student organizations to know:

Throughout the transition process, TritonSync will remain operational and available to UMSL users. You should continue using TritonSync as you always have.

Because of the transition, the Student Organization Renewal Process has been postponed until the fall. Adjustments to renewal requirements and deadlines will be made as needed to accommodate this delay.

Once the OSI completes training, we will announce more details for numerous training opportunities in the fall. OSI will ensure that members of the UMSL campus community have plenty of time and opportunities to learn the new software.

As we move forward with the transition process, please do not hesitate to contact OSI with any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach us at 314-516-5291 or