By Lori Dresner, Managing Editor/News Editor


Placard indicating that a table is open – Courtesy of Lori Dresner/The Current
Placard indicating that a table is unavailable – Courtesy of Lori Dresner/The Current

Those who dine in certain venues around campus this semester may notice the addition of new placards to the tables in those locations. The new signs allow patrons to indicate that others can either “take a seat” at their table, or that their table is unavailable.

Miriam Roccia, assistant dean of students at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, explained that the idea came from a transfer student who had seen this type of program at a previous university she attended.

“[The student] thought it was a great way for folks to feel comfortable sitting at a table with people they may not know when seating gets tight in the Nosh,” explained Roccia. She noted that a profile later appeared in the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Bulletin that furthered Campus Life’s interest in getting a similar program off the ground at UMSL.

The placards can currently be found in the Nosh, the Pilot House, and the Provincial House Dining Hall.

“Starting a new semester can be stressful, so with this program it is our hope that students will feel comfortable sitting down with someone they don’t know, and take the time to enjoy a bite to eat while possibly making a new friend,” said Roccia.