– University of Missouri- St. Louis held another successful Mirthday on April 17.
PHOTO: UMSL students dance on a warm, sunny spring day at Mirthday. Photo by Sarah Myers for The Current. ©

By Rachelle Brandel, Staff Writer for The Current

University of Missouri- St. Louis held another successful Mirthday on April 17. While the weather report had sparked concern about thunderstorms and rain, the day ended up being bright and sunny, if just a little humid. The Mirthday shirts this year were royal purple with an unwound cassette tape that spelled out “Mirthday” on them. The carnival rides were a blast, and the funnel cakes were a hit with a large number of students. Many people won candy, along with little goodies displaying useful club information, when they played the games set up in each booth. The cotton candy was sweet, and some people needed the sugar rush to get the courage to wear the snakes in the booth next door. Many people found the international photo booth to be lots of fun and enjoyed games such as the bean bag toss and balloon pop while learning about UMSL clubs.

At 4 p.m., Mirthday attendees and workers packed up their things and grabbed a quick bite of dinner before attending the Grouplove and Neon Trees concert in the Anheuser-Busch Performance Hall of the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center. Capitol Kings, the opening band, played popular radio hits and succeeded in getting the crowd in the mood and on their feet. Grouplove then performed songs from their first album, including the popular “Tongue Tied” and a few from their newly finished second album. The lights and music were loud and intense, and the band jumped and danced around the stage, completely energized by their songs. Their song “Lovely Cup” reminded a few in the crowd of Brittany’s song “My Cup” from the television show “Glee.” The song “Slow” had much of the crowd swaying to the slow and hypnotic rhythm and voice of singer Hannah Hooper. The crowd was on their feet and having a good time, if a little blinded by the intense and numerous strobe lights. In the middle of their show, drummer Ryan Rabin got out a snare along with some light-up drumsticks and dazzled the crowd with some astonishing drum skills.

When the Neon Trees performance began, the crowd went wild. The lead singer’s mike lit up with white lights, and the band opened with their hit song “Animal.” Tyler Glenn seemed to be a fan of and paying homage to Michael Jackson as he performed moves like the moonwalk and balancing on his toes while sporting bedazzled socks over black dress shoes. He then took it down a notch and sang an acoustic version of “Animal” while playing piano. Toward the middle of the show, Tyler called everyone down to the front of the stage, wanting everyone on their feet and rocking out hard to the music. Tyler’s devil-may-care attitude showed as he stuffed his mike into his pants, fell asleep on the stage and then woke up with enough time to give the crowd the bird. He even heckled the crowd a little, saying that he hated when people sat while his band played and commanding everyone to stand or leave. Tyler may not have realized that Mirthday, while very fun, can be tiring.

The group’s last song, before they continued with two encores, was another favorite, “Everybody Talks.” The band knew how to work the crowd, and where Grouplove had seemed to emulate the dirty grunge bands of the 1990s, Neon Trees’ futuristic clean-cut sound seemed more modern and fresh.

The day then ended, with another successful Mirthday under UMSL’s belt. Students can now look forward to the end of the semester and hope for another successful Mirthday next year.

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