By Liz Wiley, Staff Writer


Residents of Mansion Hill Apartments are at a loss as to why the pool has been closed for so long, with seemingly no work done to repair it.

Residents can see signs around the apartment grounds that refer pool inquiries to an outside phone number. Questions have arisen as to whether the pool will reopen and if rent prices should be decreased because of the lack of pool access.

The Current reached out to Jonathan Lidgus, who is the Director of Residential Life and Housing at UMSL to find answers. Lidgus stated that the pool has been closed since June because of damage done to the pool by a group of teenagers who do not live at Mansion Hill.

Lidgus approximates that the total cost of the damages is around $1,810. The Condo Association is responsible for paying for the damage, not the condominiums themselves. After a vote was placed, the association decided that, until they can find a way to limit pool access to just residents of Mansion Hill, the pool will remain closed.

Lidgus anticipates that the pool will reopen for the next season, with a system in place to monitor who uses it. Until then, residents will not experience a decrease in rent cost.

Any additional questions about the pool’s reopening should be addressed to either Lidgus at or directly to the Condo Association.