Dustin Steinhoff, News Editor

“Be in the Know: Important Information for Every Triton,” a yearly presentation for University of Missouri-St. Louis students, offered attendees important safety information while making the experience entertaining through a variety of unique visuals.

The presentation was given by Associate Vice Provost in the Division of Student Affairs D’Andre Braddix, Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards Kasey Fraser-Smith, Associate Director and Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention Coordinator Robin Kimberlin and Campus Officer Dustin Smith. Together, they created an hour-long presentation providing students helpful information for various aspects of college life.

The presentation included activities for attendees to participate in to enhance their learning experience. One of the activities included providing “drunk goggles” for students to see how vision is impaired while drunk. Students who wore the goggles experienced blurry and dizzying vision, making it hard to focus on anything. The pouring activity was another visual showing how much alcohol people are actually consuming when they order drinks.

“The pouring exercise shows a discrepancy, so people go, ‘Oh wow, I did not know that.’ You have to have an activity to do that versus just putting it on a screen,” Kimberlin said.

These exercises were important to the presenters, as they did not want to merely read off of a Powerpoint.

“With this presentation, you have to experience it to know it is not going to be this boring, monotonous presentation,” Braddix said. “It is kind of hard to sell that because you are talking about law, you are talking about policy, you are talking about what not to do. It is hard to market those kinds of presentations even though they are really important.”

While this year’s presentation pulls together a variety of faculty members from various departments, that was not always the case. It was originally just Braddix running it.

“Multicultural Student Services asked for me to come in and do a presentation. I think the first year I did it by myself. I then realized I really needed to have Campus Police involved. It was shortly thereafter that we included Robin’s office as well because of what she does as the Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention Coordinator,” Braddix said.

Once the presentation was nearing its end, students were able to ask the presenters questions. This gave students the chance to gain additional information and while also indicating to the presenters whether the students were impacted in a meaningful way through their interest and participation.

“When they start asking questions, I think that is when we know they are probably willing to talk to other students about it or implement it themselves or look out for a friend,” Kimberlin said.

Students will have the chance to attend the next “Be in the Know: Important Information for Every Triton” when it occurs in the fall next year.