Dustin Steinhoff, News Editor

Representatives of various University of Missouri-St. Louis clubs and groups occupied the tents lined up against the walkways of the Millennium Student Center patio and commons to show UMSL students what their organization has to offer at the 2018 Fall Involvement Expo.

The Fall Involvement Expo allows freshmen as well as any other students who are interested in getting more involved on campus the chance to see what organizations UMSL has to offer.

“The organizations I have seen so far were the Political Science Club, the University Program Board, and UMSL Crew,” Anthony West-Jones, junior, media studies, said. “I am quite familiar with the organizations at UMSL and there are some organizations here that I have not heard about or was not totally aware of, so this has been interesting to me.”

With so many clubs and organizations on campus, the Involvement Expo can also give many of the organizations a chance to give new students, or those unfamiliar with their organization, the chance to learn what they are about.

“I had no idea we had a K-pop dance group on campus,” Emily Herbig, sophomore, nursing, said.

With a large variety of groups present at the expo, some of the organizations used different tactics to try and attract potential members. One of the tactics used by some of the members of these organizations was to offer gifts to anyone who stopped by their tent to hear about their group. For example, Theodore Naes, sophomore, physics, carried around different colored notebooks with his organization’s logo, contact information and various upcoming events on a sticker attached to the bottom left covers.

“I came to the expo today because my organization is here: the RCM or Revolution Campus Ministry. We have a few events coming up and I am handing out some notebooks,” Naes said.

While some organizations opted to hand out more traditional items such as water bottles and t shirts, organizations such as the Counseling Services gave out items like uniquely-shaped stress balls.

“The Counselling Services gave me a free stress taco, which I really appreciate,” Naes said.

Just because an UMSL student may already be involved in a club does not mean they cannot seek out what other organizations have to offer as well. Naes spent some time exploring the commons to see what other organizations occupy the UMSL campus.

“There are a ton of events going on and things I would be personally interested in, like the Gaming Society,” Naes said. “It is a good way to meet people and get involved on campus.”

The 2018 Fall Involvement Expo ran from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on Aug. 24. Students can expect to see the next Involvement Expo in the spring of 2019.