By Chris Zuver, A&E Editor

On October 28, the University of Missouri-St. Louis’ Annual Trunk-or-Treat took place at the Millennium Student Center South Garage. UMSL students, staff, and faculty gathered in the morning to set up. The event was hosted by UMSL Tiny Tritons, UMSL Students of Service, and the Office of Student Involvement.

At noon, the event opened to attendants. Activities included various activity and information booths, as well as the main feature: the “trunk-or-treating,” where various people from UMSL student organizations, departments, offices, and individuals, parked cars and set up their trunks, and passed out candy and other treats to children ages 12 and under. The trunks were decorated in various styles, some made to look like giant monsters. Both adults and children were dressed up as famous monsters and other fictional characters.

UMSL’s Trunk-or-Treat has been a tradition since 2010, when roughly 75 children attending. Over the years, the number has grown to over 300. The event went on until 2 p.m.