By Michael Plumb, Editor-In-Chief

The Chancellor’s Cultural Diversity Council has been working diligently to gather information about the culture and atmosphere of the University of Missouri-St. Louis and find ways to learn, inform, and apply change when appropriate. The latest of their efforts is with the Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion hosting campus community forums. The forums were held at various locations at UMSL from September 26 to September 28. The topic of the forums was to openly discuss the recent Stockley verdict and the impact the case had on the University of Missouri-St. Louis community. Participants were organized into  groups. Each group was informed to ask questions to deepen the conversation. To finish up the forum, group members were asked to rate the questions and topics based on importance to them and their impact on their community on the sheets of paper provided. The different colors of red, blue, and yellow correlated to represent topics that were thought to be of the most importance. Red dots are reserved for the highest priority topics,  blue dots for moderate importance, and yellow for minimal importance.

CCDC meeting.
Photo courtesy of John Deasy.