By Kat Riddler, Managing Editor

The Student Government Association elections were last week. These students will be the SGA representatives for the 2018-2019 academic year. There is still one more General Assembly meeting on May 4 at 12:30 p.m. in the SGA chamber. For more information, visit Read minutes from the SGA senate meetings and SGA General Assembly meetings on Triton Sync at the SGA portal.

If you would like to be part of the SGA representatives, please send inquiries to 

SGA President:

Joey Dordoni, junior, international relations

“I’ve been a part of SGA for two years now and have served as a senator, speaker of the assembly, and chaired multiple committees. Being a part of SGA has completely changed my experience at UMSL and opened my eyes to all sorts of issues our campus faces. My slate and I want to bring many of those issues to the administration as well as advocating for students who don’t have the opportunity for their voice to be heard. By making more student voices heard, I think we can truly achieve UMSL Excellence.”

SGA Vice-President

Aleathea Williams, junior, political science

“I decided to run for student government to see how I could impact the student experience and increase my campus involvement in a way that relates to what I want to do professionally within government. Serving on student government this past academic year has made me want to continue my involvement in an executive position. Serving as vice-president, I want to serve as representation for women and students of color. I want to increase access to information to benefit student organizations, promote involvement to our student body, and increase the power of the student voice on campus.”

SGA Comptroller

Harper Wieldt, sophomore, chemistry

“While in office, I want to achieve transparency and evaluate the current guidelines in place to see if they are doing justice to student organizations’ budgets. I hope to improve relationships between students and SGA, as well as clarify SABC’s standard procedures.”

SGA Senators

Andrew Ameer, junior, business administration

“I decided to run for SGA to represent the needs of my fellow students and to become more involved on campus. I want to encourage more students to become engaged on campus by promoting all of the activities and student organizations that UMSL offers.”

Emma Armbruster, senior, psychology

“I decided to run for SGA because I wanted to be a part of creating a even more effective student government. The goals I want to achieve through my position with SGA is try to help promote better parking for students and help create a safer campus for everyone here.”

Cassiana Buehler, sophomore, civil engineering

“I want to join SGA to get more involved in making positive changes for UMSL students! I have three goals: 1) bring more awareness and engagement to events on campus, 2) bring more awareness to resources on campus, and 3) create resources and events for social and academic success.”

Alexius Gandy, graduate student, management information systems

“As an undergraduate business student, many of my classmates and others often chose me to summarize and submit their concerns to the deciding body. I never knew why this was the case, but when I received the notice about the elections, I took it as an opportunity to represent and stand up for students, again. I know now why I am running for Student Senate: My modus operandi is to serve the UMSL community to continue to meet and exceed its’ mission, which is “…to meet the diverse needs to our students’ instructional, research and extension program bodies and ensure that these bodies provide our students the tools that they need to serve the broader economic, social, and cultural needs of the State.”

Evelyn Kumeh, junior, political science

“As an immigrant from Liberia, I understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and most importantly, education. My position as the Publicist for UMSL Pan-African Student Association has prepared me to better communicate and address the needs of others. The potential Missouri’s budget cuts and UMSL’s recent increase in tuition is a threat to students, professors, and our learning environment. This is why I am aiding students and staffs members to come together to address this great grievance. When I am elected as a Senator, I will work with SGA to better address the needs of students and ensure inclusion of all campus organizations.”

Foram Patel, junior, nursing

“I want to run for Student Government Association because it will give me the opportunity to be more involved on campus. It will give me the ability to have my voice be heard on campus. I want to be the voice for people who can’t stand up for themselves. One of the problems in our society is a lack of a voice. We need to listen to give a voice to the voiceless. It’s as simple as listening, analyzing what needs to be, and having the leadership to execute this. I have experience for this, such as the being in the Honor society Phi Theta Kappa. I can easily use my experience and apply it to make a positive impact. I want to encourage collaboration of student organizations within the community, furthermore I want to promote more student involvement, which would allow knowledge and connections to spread throughout UMSL. This as a whole will create a strong unity.”

Rodger Plack, senior, sociology

“As a member of the senate, I would focus my energy on your student community, your university resources and your campus experience. I want to make a difference in the University by voicing the opinion of the students. I will encourage students to get more involved with the SGA and their representatives. I bring a background of corporate experience and leadership. This will allow me to engage the faculty and staff successfully with issues on behalf of the students. My main goals are to promote inclusion, diversity, education, and student activities.”

Daniel Redeffer, senior, public policy and administration

“When I first started to participate in the Student Government Association as Political Science Academy Rep., I became aware that there were a number of crucial issues being ignored by administration – from social issues, to the lack of amenities, to the growing reality of rising tuition rates while cutting class sizes and streamlining programs. I decided to announce my candidacy for student senator to organize these issues behind one voice, to force the administration to recognize our concerns, and to take action to protect our interests. As student senator, I will work with the SGA and students on campus to address statewide budget cuts, fight to keep the administration from raising our tuition, work to keep DACA students protected, and advocate to ensure that policies are expanded to address sexual assault. Due to the national push to put DACA students and their families in grave risk of deportation, we must stand as one to protect students from unlawful deportations. I will also work with SGA and staff to ensure that students are protected from sexual assault.”

Jessika White, senior, media studies

“I strongly believe that leadership is practiced, not so much in words but in attitude and actions. I believe that a school that listens to the heart of its students can’t help but to radiate true the heart of its mission. I want to be one of the many leaders that puts this into action for greater good of UMSL and the students that stand at the heart. I want to focus on making UMSL a more diverse inclusive community by sparking student involvement and engagement through campus events. I want to see a better relationship when it comes to communication among administration and students. I want to help increase yearly enrollment by listening and advocating for the voice of the student body.”

Wallat Baban, junior, psychology

Ysaye Ellis, senior, media studies

Taylor Tinnes, freshman, political science