Joseph Salamon, News Editor

A seasonal influenza outbreak has many people around campus concerned for the well-being of the student body. D’Andre Braddix, assistant dean of students, sent a campus-wide email on behalf of University Health Services at the University of Missouri-St. Louis issuing a warning via email last week highlighting the severity of the issue, stating that there has already been several cases of influenza on campus.

The epidemic has affected areas nationwide, but Missouri—specifically eastern Missouri—has been one of the most susceptible areas in the country. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the total cases of influenza in our state this season is 54,000 and counting, with nearly half of those cases coming from the eastern region.

To help stifle this outbreak, Health Services provided some tips:

–  Unless you are visiting Health Services for an appointment, do not come to campus if you have been diagnosed with influenza

– Do not return to campus until your body temperature drops below 100 degrees for at least 24 hours

– If you have yet to do so, get a preventative flu shot

While the flu is a common illness, epidemics like these are not to be taken lightly, as they can potentially have deadly repercussions. According to the Center of Disease Control, 49 influenza-related deaths have been reported in the state alone.

Health Services, located at 131 Millennium Student Center, provides flu shots on campus for $20, as well as on-site flu testing for the same price. They also can prescribe Tamiflu for patients who have been experiencing symptoms for less than 48 hours prior to their visit.