Kat Riddler, Managing Editor

The University of Missouri-St. Louis’s Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice has been named by College Choice website as eighth nationally on their 50 Best Online Criminal Justice Degrees.

The website took several criteria into account in their ranking of colleges. The website said they were looking at the best schools in the country measured by reputation and return on investment as well as cost. UMSL scored an 88.97 and had an average net price of $8,774.

The website noted that UMSL, “enjoys a number of strategic partnerships with public agencies that form an integral part of helping students arrive at a career decision. Stated outcomes of the program include the ability to develop critical thinking skills through the application of criminological theory and social science research methods, develop fundamental understanding of interdisciplinary underpinnings of criminology and criminal justice issues and policies, and acquire knowledge about the structure and functioning of the fundamental institutions that are part of criminal justice systems.”

The website stated, “The curriculum is interdisciplinary in nature and includes coursework in criminology, social science, law, public administration, and corrections. It provides students not only with practical knowledge but also training in the theories, assumptions, values, and processes of the system of justice.” The website feature continued, “Many pre-law students choose criminology and criminal justice as an undergraduate major, and the program offers an internship program for college credit.”

Department Chair Finn Esbensen told UMSL Daily, “We are pleased that our efforts to provide a high-quality undergraduate educational experience for our students are also recognized. The online courses are taught by a combination of our regular full-time faculty and part-time faculty, who are recruited from criminal justice agencies and are thus able to share their ‘real-world’ experiences with students.”

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers training for undergraduate for degrees in the criminal justice field, corrections counseling, juvenile justice, probation and parole, victim advocacy, and law enforcement.