By Kat Riddler, EIC

An UMSL-wide email was sent out on December 14 by Information Security Officer Mark Monroe to alert the UMSL community of a potential scam affecting BlackBoard nationwide. The emails contain malicious links for users to click on.

Monroe’s email stated, “These emails primarily target students right now but can easily change to faculty. It directs students to a site ( to download and install an extension into chrome that then steals their password and sends more malicious links from Blackboard. If anyone has already installed this extension, they should uninstall is ASAP, reset their UMSL password and report it in to me.”

Monroe also included an example of the type of email someone might receive, “Hey guys, I just found some really helpful notes for the upcoming exams for courses at (malicious link here). I highly recommend signing up for an account now that way your first download is free!”

Monroe stated in his email that there is an uptick in infected systems and stolen user accounts this time of year. Monroe warned, “This is a good reminder to all of us to be careful about the links we click and the software we install. At this time of year, we all receive mass amounts of emails asking us to click links for products we may have purchased or shipping notes for gifts we may have purchased. These are perfect opportunities for scams to get users to click links, taking them to malicious sites or to install malware on their computers.”
If you have questions or problems contact Monroe or call the Technology Support Center at 314-516-6034.