Ian Heye, Staff Writer

Looking to get lost in beautiful poems, stories and art? Then look no further than the University of Missouri–St. Louis Literary Journal, Litmag! On May 3, the English department came out with their 31st edition of the Litmag, hosting a launch party in the Century Rooms in the Millennium Student Center.

During the launch, the staff announced the best pieces from each category: poetry, prose, multilingual piece and art. The winners of each category were Kenny Dickens for poetry, Jeffrey Pryor for prose, Abby N.V. for the multilingual piece and Angela Bash for art. The launch party was small and open to all students. There, assistant teaching professor and faculty advisor for Litmag Kate Watt, made her rounds in welcoming the attendees.

“To celebrate the journal debuting on campus, we host the Launch party and invite all members of campus to hear about each author and artist has to say about their work,” said Watt.

The magazine collects submissions from Oct. 1 through March 1. These submissions can take the form of a wide range of things such as comics, drawings, sculptures, nonfiction essays, graphic novels and more. All submissions are reviewed by the editorial staff, which is composed of students.

“Students enrolled in English 4895 solicit and review submissions, discuss their assessments and select the contents for the current issue,” said Watt. “They explore current thinking on poetry, creative nonfiction, short fiction and visual artistry with the goal of refining their own literary tastes and developing their editorial judgment.”

The launch party was an intimate thing with each author going up and reading their pieces. As they finished their reading, sometimes the room would be filled with “ooh’s” and “ah’s” as the true beautiful meaning of the story or poem was revealed. Other times the room was filled with chuckles as a piece of poetry created a fun story to read and listen to. Attendees the launch party were given a copy of this year’s Litmag to follow the speakers and to keep. Additionally, the magazine will be available to all students May 6 through the school newspaper stands.

Watt stressed the importance of the magazine, “LitMag exposes students to the full spectrum of skills needed to work in the publishing field. But unlike most classes, there is more than a grade on the line; there’s a product, a promise and a legacy to honor.”