By Andrea Siecinski, Guest Writer

Trista Lewis, senior, business administration, has two main responsibilities: family and school. Lewis is a wife and mother of two. Despite being a busy mother and wife, she still dedicates herself to her studies. Everyone cannot keep up with both a family and college; but Lewis and her husband are doing the best at this time in their lives.

Both Trista Lewis and her husband attend University of Missouri-St. Louis, and this requires them to find ways to keep both family and school a priority. She does not deny the challenges they face to keep up with a family and school, but uses these challenges to their advantage.

Lewis explains, “Being a full-time student, wife, and mother of two elementary students is definitely a challenge. Keeping up with their homework as well as my own can be overwhelming but a perfect opportunity to show my kids the importance of hard work and setting priorities. Having children is also motivation to do my best every day to set a positive example for them.”

She began her college career at UMSL in spring 2015 as an undergrad, majoring in business administration with an emphasis in marketing and international business and a minor in studio art.

Not only has she proven that she can balance her family and studies but she also found a way to get involved with organizations on campus. She is in the position of publicity chair for UMSL’s Marketing Club. With this responsibility, she must focus on promoting a positive image of the club to campus and local community by creating material and cultivating media relations.

Before Lewis was a wife, mother, and college student, she was part of the U.S. Army.

“I was a chemical operation specialist in the Army. I did all of my training in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri and was stationed in Ft. Riley, Kansas. I joined to see the world and was stuck in the Midwest the whole time. I never deployed overseas but had many friends who did. I lost a couple of them in the Iraqi war,” said Lewis.

She was medically discharged after a year of service. Shortly after, she met her husband, who was active in the military then. Together they traveled the world before settling down in St. Louis.

Trista Lewis has hopes of graduating in spring 2019. She and her husband are making plans to leave the Midwest.

“After graduation, my family and I hope to move to Seattle. My dream would be to work in the marketing department for Nintendo, Amazon, or Starbucks, but I would be happy with any job that allows me to use my degree.”