UMSL students gathered at Oak hall to enjoy UPB’s Smoothie Night. Photo: Yeseul Park / The Current ©


By Anya Glushko, Features Editor for The Current

The Oak Hall kitchen was turned into a smoothie making station by members of the University Program Board on Thursday night, November 29. “Smoothie Night” brought out about 40 students to taste  and learn how to create healthy and delicious drinks. UPB Administrative Chair Scott Morrissey, senior, communications, along with other UPB members, blended and sampled easy-to-make and cheap-to-obtain smoothies for students. They handed out packets of information about each smoothie and its benefits.

“[The event] was a success,” said Morrissey. “Lots of people had shown up and we made lots of delicious smoothies, and people seemed to enjoy the smoothies.”

Morrissey booked the space and took some of his own smoothie recipes. He brought six of the recipes to the event. He also carefully looked up information about smoothies, such as fat and calorie content and other nutritional facts. Morrissey made sure that each recipe would benefit students’ health. He sent the recipes to Sodexo, who brought all the ingredients. UPB’s Magic Bullet blenders were used to make smoothies.

“I picked this event because I am vegan and I wanted to share some of the magic of vegan smoothies to the UMSL community,” said Morrissey. “This event was planning to teach the UMSL students a quick way to make a nutritious snack or breakfast for not that much money, which will benefit the student and the environment at the same time.”

Morrissey explained that the best way to make a smoothie is to keep it all natural.

“Don’t use sugar to sweeten it, use all natural ingredients such as dates or maple syrup or honey to sweeten them,” said Morrissey. “Those ingredients still contain the nutrition for your body to obtain; sugar has no nutritional value, just lots of calories. Also, adding a little peanut butter to your smoothies will have little peanut butter flavor and add lots of protein to them so that it will keep you fuller throughout the day. My peanut butter blueberry smoothie will last me for 5 or 6 hours and it only has 400 calories. Perfect breakfast to start my day with. Some fruits have lots of flavor and some do not. Blueberries have very strong flavor and bananas do not. You can use frozen bananas as a thickener and sweetener. Also, things like cocoa will add a little caffeine to your smoothie, such as in the chunky monkey, which uses bananas for a sweetener and thickener, cocoa for caffeine and flavor, and peanut butter to add a good texture and protein to last you.”

Morrissey encourages students to improve their eating habits in order to stay health and fit.

“I suggest the students to incorporate some vegan foods into their diets,” said Morrissey. “If done right, they can be high in good fats and protein and low in bad fats and calories to, in the end, leave you more satisfied at the end of the meal and keep you with the lasting full feeling until your next meal.”

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