By Roderick M. Wilbon, Sports Editor

On March 10, a group of University of Missouri-St. Louis students visited St. Vincent Home for Children. The students along with adviser Xavier Blackwell, coordinator of leadership education in the Office of Student Involvement, wanted to help in the community and decided to choose St. Vincent as a recipient of their services.

St. Vincent is a nonprofit that houses at-risk youth ranging from 8-21. They provide the necessary everyday needs a child would need that they might not have in their current situation. These services range from housing, counseling/therapy, school pickup and drop off and helping those transition into independent adulthood.

These students belong to the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). It is also known as Sigma (Success) Alpha (Action) Pi (Purpose), and it is a leadership honors society. While service hours are required this group genuinely cares about the surrounding community. This society is designed to make you a better leader and give you the resources to do so with scholarships, discounts, an online job bank, and much more. Khadejah Chappell, senior, communications, and Michael Dunlap, junior, education, are the current president and vice president respectively.

“Our secretary did a great job putting this partnership together and we wanted a place that we could see our impact in daily,” said Chappell. “The diversity is good, because we have different mindsets and backgrounds to come together on one goal.” Chappell would go on to say that, “We’re also here to have an impact on ourselves, too.”

To join NSLS, students must be invited for academic achievement. They are required to go to an orientation, a leadership training day, three success networking team (SNT) meetings, and three speaker broadcasts before induction. The mandatory events are required, but students will learn a lot of valuable information by joining this organization and going to these events. After induction, they have all the tools and training to succeed in life, and the organization becomes whatever the students make it. They can also choose to just take advantage of the organization’s many benefits.

The NSLS cleaned the donation room of St. Vincent. They did this by separating clothing, hats, shoes and other items. Clothing was separated by gender, type and size. Then folding, hanging, or storing away these items very neatly. The students also swept, dusted, and threw away all unnecessary trash. “It helps us a lot, because we don’t always get a chance to get down here and fully organize the room as it should be,” said Leigh Camp Supervisor of St. Vincent. “What these students did today was maker our job easier to assist a child much faster and that’s what is important.”

“As a student leader we must set an example,” said Dunlap. “It may not seem like a lot, but helping kids is a great thing and I hope others will too.”

“St. Vincent is really close to the university and we really wanted to have an impact in the community,” said Blackwell. “We look forward to doing this again and building a lasting relationship with St. Vincent.”