By Shannon Geary, Features Editor

If April showers bring May flowers, then the University of Missouri—St. Louis can look forward to a lot of May flowers given the rainy week the region has had. Fortunately, the rain could not stop the annual Mirthday Carnival, held to ease the stress of finals and celebrate the end of the semester.

This year, due to rain, the carnival games were moved to the Century Rooms in the Millennium Student Center on April 27. The grey day could not dampen the spirits of Tritons ready for one last hoorah before finals.

Tables stood around the room holding everything from snow cones and popcorn to free Coca-Cola products. Others offered games, prizes, and even a chance to touch live reptiles.

The Coke table included cans of classic Coke, Diet Coke, and Zico coconut water in both regular and chocolate flavors, as well as white knit caps with the Coke label on the front, all for free.

Lines ran long for the caricature artist and a large group gathered for the Reptile Experience. There were several reptiles available to see and touch including a small alligator and a, frankly frighteningly, large snake.

Despite the small space, the campus Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) set up a bean bag toss and a washers game that guests could take part in at their leisure. To the far right was a game of Pick the Duck. A small inflatable pool was set on a table and little rubber ducks floated inside. Guests picked up the ducks and, if the duck was specially marked, they won a large stuffed animal. Those who chose unmarked ducks were still rewarded with Swedish Fish candy.

The left hand side of the room boasted a chance to throw a pie into the face of important campus personnel. Cameron Roark, senior, criminology and criminal justice, and current president of the Student Government Association, was covered in cream pie and awaiting his next tormentor.

The University Program Board (UPB) had a Toilet Toss where guests could toss duck-tape covered rolls of toilet paper into fake toilets. If they made it in, they won a UPB tumbler.

Despite the rain on Wednesday, the rides in front of the RWC ran on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Many came out to celebrate the suddenly clear weather and the funnel cakes available on-site. Along with the funnel cakes, the carnival boasted the classic Scrambler, the terrifying Skymaster, and the dizzying Tornado.

Overall, despite the inclement weather and delayed rides, students enjoyed the 2016 Mirthday Carnival. Delores Eddington, senior, studio art, said “I liked all the booths, like usual, but I think everybody comes out for the funnel cake.” Chareba Johnson, senior, theater and dance, said, “It was fun. This is my senior year. This is the last one I’ll be at.” Iriah Wilkerson, senior, business administration, said, “I just threw up…on my first ride, so I’m out like a little kid” but she made it clear that she was having fun anyway.

Mirthweek in its entirety included the Leadership Awards Banquet on Monday, Last Lecture featuring Dr. Anthony Mannino on Tuesday, a volunteer fair on Wednesday and Thursday, the carnival on Wednesday, Roller Skating Night on Thursday, a Parks & Recreation marathon on Friday, the Goose Chase Mirthweek 5K and a comedy show featuring Bo Burnham and Nick Offerman on Saturday, and finally, the Mirth Barbecue at University Meadows on May 1. Although there was some trouble in communicating the changes to students, Mirthweek was a success.

Undercurrent by MarVin Nicholson: What did you think about the free carnival?

Andre Williams Freshman Major: Theater & Dance
Andre Williams
Major: Theater & Dance

“I think the carnival is Lit. It could be more rides but I am enjoying the rides they do have.”

Mia Jones Freshman Major: Criminology & Social work
Mia Jones
Major: Criminology & Social work

“The carnival is fun but there are only three rides.”

Cinnanom Cole Freshman Major: Chemistry
Cinnanom Cole
Major: Chemistry

“The carnival is a great idea. I feel like they waited till finals week so that students could relieve stress by checking out the rides between exams.”

Mirthweek festivities were moved indoors to the MSC Century Rooms on Wednesday due to weather Lori Dresner/The Current
Mirthweek festivities were moved indoors to the MSC Century Rooms on Wednesday due to weather
Lori Dresner/The Current