Katelyn Chostner, Brand Marketer

Amber Daniels, senior, media studies, stood on stage and introduced board members of the Marketing Club this past Tuesday in the Social Sciences & Business Building to start off the club’s year with a meet and greet.

Daniels, the president of the Marketing Club, led the meeting along with her teammates Davonte Anderson, senior, media studies, vice president; Melvin Taylor, senior, media studies, treasurer; and Lysa Young-Bates, graduate, non-degree, communications chair and Student Government Association representative. The group highlighted important components in successful marketing careers.

According  to Daniels, “Internships, being able to network, and marketing looks good to future employers.”

There were two featured speakers who offered insight on these skills. The first speaker was Haim Mano, associate professor of marketing and marketing department chair. Mano’s main focus is networking and digital marketing. According to Mano, there will be a new certificate coming soon for students to acquire. The new certificate is a digital social media track certificate, and he encouraged marketing students to see the importance of the certificate for future career opportunities. Everything in the marketing world is becoming more digital and this certificate will help benefit marketing students according to Mano.

Alice Layton, instructor of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship and director of education for The Mission Center L3C, was the second speaker of the night. Layton proposed that marketing students should be interested in a social entrepreneurship minor because “media and communication are vital to social entrepreneurship.”

Layton was a hit among the Marketing Club because of the internship information she offered to students. While it was not a marketing internship, the experience and knowledge students could gain were empowering. The Marketing Club encourages other clubs and studies like Layton, to share their knowledge. Doing so will allow the club to have more information and help students overall. This is something that Daniels prides the Marketing Club for doing.

Daniels said, “I believe in coming together for a bigger picture and bigger cause. I feel like if we’re helping each other we will each individually get recognition, but we will get to help other students, too.”

The Marketing Club does not only feature speakers with different educational backgrounds, but it also partners with other student organizations. Some of the student group partnerships include the Black Business Student Association (BBSA) and the Advertising and Public Relations Club. According to Daniels, this partnership will give students access to tools they need. A future partnership with the BBSA will help students who are wanting to build their resumes for careers. The Marketing Club wants to encourage students to attend and be better prepared for the application process their career requests.

Daniels said, “We are going to cosponsor with BBSA, and they are doing a resume workshop that is really beneficial because it’s a workshop that will basically tell you if your resume is good or not. They will have an expert there to help students structure and put their resumes together.”

Later in the meeting, the marketing board members instructed everyone to retrieve their phones. Some student club meetings might deject phone usage, but the Marketing Club encouraged the practice. Daniels asked students to connect with the Marketing Club’s social media platforms. She told students that it was to see which social media platform they use the most.

Students were motivated by board members to reply to the questions posted on the Marketing Club’s social media. One question was “What do you hope to gain this semester through your participation in UMSL’s Marketing Club?”

Most of the students’ replies were posted on Facebook.  One student responded on Facebook with “I hope to network with other people in marketing related degrees and find out about internships.”

Social media marketing is not the only thing the Marketing Club focuses on. The club also strives to make sure students have more access to information in the marketing and career world. According to Daniels, “Insight is the biggest thing [to students] because it’s another fundamental learning tool that we need. Also, learning leadership, giving students the opportunity to be a part of a club that will give you the tools you need as best we can because we are still learning ourselves.”

Any student who joins the Marketing Club will gain insight into networking, internships, and marketing, whether they attend one event or all of them. The team leading the Marketing Club this year have the goals and abilities to make sure every student wanting to learn about marketing will have the proper tools to succeed in future endeavors.