By Liz Wiley, Staff Writer


Students with busy lifestyles can still participate in leadership programs at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Thanks to Leadership To-Go, students can now learn important leadership lessons in the comfort of their own homes, at their own pace.

Jenna Bartak, who is the Coordinator for Leadership Education in UMSL’s Office of Student Involvement said, “Leadership To-Go is grounded in the 60 student leadership competencies.” Students can expect to learn leadership and soft skills that can be “immediately implemented in students’ everyday lives.”

As for who can register for Leadership To-Go, Bartak said, “Anyone with an UMSL SSO ID can self-enroll in these online leadership modules.” Simply scroll down on MyGateway and look for the blurb on Leadership To-Go. There will be a link that students can click to register.

Aaron Pelloquin, who is the Graduate Assistant for Leadership Education in the Office of Student Involvement said, “Leadership To-Go used to be held in the Century Rooms, but to fill students’ need for convenience, it is now offered in a unique, self-paced online format.” He suggested that other resources for busy students could include “leadership workbooks or understanding personalities tests, which can also be found in online formats.”

When beginning the program, students encounter six different learning modules: communication, learning and reasoning, self-awareness and development, group dynamic, strategic thinking, and interpersonal interaction. Each module contains an average of two short videos and a corresponding assessment that tests students’ knowledge over the material.

There are several benefits to completing this training. In addition to building professional skills that make students more marketable in the job field, students can take personal ownership of their leadership development. Leadership skills can also indirectly increase confidence, self-esteem, and provide new social opportunities. Completion of the program counts as a maximum of 20 points towards the Chancellor’s Engaged Leadership Certificate and helps prepare students for programs such as Advanced Leaders.

Any questions about Leadership To-Go, or other leadership opportunities such as the spring semester’s Emerging Leaders Program should be directed to Bartak at or Pelloquin at