By Austin C. Hayes, Staff Writer

This past Friday in the University of Missouri-St. Louis’ Millennium Student Center, Free Fun Friday took place in honor of finals week. As finals loomed, the UMSL community engaged with a choice of peppermint or lavender scented pre-made mixed essential oil bath bombs, licensed masseuse chair massages, and berry smoothies. The goal of the event was to relax students and faculty as the winter semester draws to a close.

“Six finals in five days. Finals are super stressful but rewarding. Finals are just about balance,” said Salmedina Alic, graduate, optometry. Fellow graduate optometry students Megan Anderson, Lauren Dermondy, and Libby Marquarte agreed with Alic.

The Free Fun Friday Committee Chair and Assistant Dean of Students Miriam Roccia’s goal was to bring a vibrant campus environment here to UMSL. Roccia said, “Free Fun Friday is a cross campus group that engages students to interact on campus.”

In addition to the bath bomb table in the Nosh and giving out free smoothies, Free Fun Friday had also a donation collecting non-perishable items for a food drive.

“Free stuff is always good. I think I’m always nervous about finals. But I’m confident that it will go smoothly,” said Johannah McDonald, junior, English.

The Whole U is always a place for a UMSL students to catch a nap, but this Free Fun Friday it hosted the massages. Each massage was ten minutes and was sponsored by the Free Fun Friday Committee and the American Image Salon & Spa national certified massage therapist Emily Cagle.
“All that typing emails to my students stressed out my shoulders,” Denise Mussman, professor of English, stated.

Stress relieving tips were distributed at the different activities throughout the Free Fun Friday event. Tips included exercise, lighting a candle, reducing caffeine, keeping a journal, coloring, chewing gum, and more. Find tips for more relief here

Finals start on December 11 and the winter semester will conclude December 16th. Students like Katherine Bussey, senior biology, are not worried about their finals. After a massage, Bussey confidently said, “A lighter load and I’m in the groove of school.”