Stephanie Daniels, Guest Writer

Every night as darkness falls, the haunting tales of South City and its ghostly connection to the Lemp family are told to patrons daring enough to meet up with the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society and experience the eerie adventure for themselves.

St. Louis Paranormal Research Society has been sharing stories of the history of the paranormal for over 15 years. They specialize in all things mysterious and often connect them to the historical threads here in St. Louis at the Lemp Brewery. They offer patrons everything from haunted tours to séances. Each person on their team is equipped with training and background in the paranormal and provide a holistic ghostly experience.

Recently, they hosted a haunted cemetery tour that included stops at five different points in South City, each with its own creepy story. Lead by host Tim, patrons are first lead in the darkness of night to the Lemp Brewery where several suicides within the Lemp family were linked. The history of the brewery is explained as well, particularly its link to a St. Louis Shoe Company owned in the 1800s. Interestingly enough, this was the only business to show up to its auction. From there, Tim takes his group to the cemetery itself. Patrons walk through a dimly lit alley, to a school building. As confusion builds, Tim explains that they are indeed at the cemetery, and that it’s underneath the school. As the crowd of brave souls feel the creepiness of the evening grow thick, he describes how most bodies were exhumed, with several left behind. Several of which were underneath the former playground for the children adjacent to the school.

As if the playground wasn’t enough to satisfy the grim itch of those in attendance, the next stop on the tour is Sheppard Studios, a South City art studio. Here he paints a story of a woman stuck in the realm between life and death, and how she haunts the record store, straightening items by night and helping patrons by day.

As the group presses onward, Tim has them stop at a seemingly normal drain in the middle of an alley. An unknown, but recognizable “woman in brown” is said to walk past the drain. It was a drain that once was part of a fountain built on yet another cemetery that is now underneath South City. As he describes her, the groups look around both anxious and curious to try to find her.

As the tour winds down, one of the last stops is at the historical Cherokee Park, where it is said to have had upward of nine suicides per week in the bathroom stalls before they were closed in 2005. As patrons begin to wonder why the morbid occurrences were so frequent, Tim attributes them to the possibility of the park sitting on top of a historic Native American mound. Said mounds were explained to have a possible ghostly link to the Underground Railroad.

Then, a challenge is offered to those in attendance, to check out the stalls for themselves. As the group presses on, too scared to take him up on the challenge, one member, Adrian along with her boyfriend test their nerves and approach the ghostly stalls. But sadly, they find them locked.

The tour ends back in front of the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society’s hub nestled inside the haunted Lemp Brewery. There, groups can end their night with tarot card readings or have a look at the gift shop full of crystals and souvenirs to take along in remembrance of their spooky adventure!