Tori Foster, Guest Writer

If working out and living a healthy lifestyle is something you like to do, you should have went to the University of Missouri–St. Louis Wellness and Recreation Center on Sept. 12 between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for Rock the Rec.

During the Rock the Rec event staff members showcased their wide variety of fitness classes, activities, intramural sports and more which are also available to UMSL’s community. Students receive a membership because it is included in their paid tuition. A community member can gain a membership for $52. The campus Rec Center helps boost your personal health while also connecting you with others in your community.

The Rec Center was built based on students’ request. The construction started in 2013 and by fall 2015 it was finally ready to open. The campus rec has a climbing center, aquatics programs, fitness and wellness programs, intramural programs and youth programs. In other words, UMSL devoted 100,000 feet of land to make the Rec Center. People also have the chance to gain safety and training certifications such as the American Red Cross certification and fitness certification.  

The Rock the Rec event had multiple activities planned for every hour or two to expose the community to the things available at the rec center along with more fun relaxing activities to reduce stress and tension in the body. The 12 hours of fun started with free yogurt, coffee and fruit at 10:30 a.m, with following chair massages.

Secily Adams, the assistant director of fitness and wellness, planned and developed the Rock the Rec Center event. Her goal is to expose students to the resources available to them. The Rec Center is a smart investment for UMSL because it gives students something to do before and after class. Also, it is a source to release tension. According to Adams, the best part about her job is that she mentors students while having fun with her fitness classes. Adams thinks the rec center is innovative because health and wellness is trending with generation X.  

The Rec Center is constantly changing from classes, promotions and memberships deals. For membership services employee Courtney, this is what she loves the most about working at the Rec Center. She feels the Rec is so inviting to UMSL students and especially the community that surrounds it.  

Sadly, some students do not take advantage of their membership because of its proximity or their busy work schedules. The Rec Center is a nice and relaxing environment that includes a rock-climbing wall, yoga and an upstairs gym. The Be Will series is very popular among students too. The series incorporates Mental Health Mondays, Trainers Tuesday, Winning Wednesdays and Tasty Thursday that last an hour from 3:30-4:30pm.  

Overall, the night ended with whoopie pie bars and a Delta Zeta table for anybody who were interested in learning about the Delta sorority. If you have not started using the Wellness and Recreational center, you should start. They have much more to offer to the UMSL community than just work out equipment.