Tori Foster, Staff Writer

She could have eaten anything at her dorm, but Heaven Washington, sophomore, media studies, decided to order Five Guys. She, as well as many other college students, order food often when they are low or have a taste for a specific food. On the University of Missouri–St. Louis South Campus there have been a rapid amount of deliveries to Oak Hall and the Central Housing Office.

Many companies in the past decade have created food delivery apps for people who love to eat out, but do not want to leave the comfort of their homes. Food delivery services started back in 2011 with Postmates. They deliver everything people can think of food, groceries and more. All people have to do is click delivery or pick up, type in their current address and from there, “You crave. We get it.”

The top nine trending and best food delivery services are Seamless, Grubhub, DoorDash, Ubereats, Postmates,, Yelp Eat 24, Foodler and Gopuff. Each app is offered to Androids and iOS users. They require users to make an account with their credit card number attached.

Once users have selected their restaurant and meal, they are directed to checked out to place their order. After a few minutes the order is out for delivery and it all started with a click.

Washington explains, “I love delivery services. The speed of service is the best part.”

The delivery services have booking fees that vary depending on the company or the location of the restaurant. The drivers for these services only handle deliveries compared to some companies that might place the order for you then deliver it. They have at least one year of driving experience and must be older than 19 years.

After the customer’s order has been placed, the app will give the customer all the information they will need to have a successful experience with the company. The company provides their deliveryman’s name, number and sometimes their car information. The app informs customers when their driver is on the way to the restaurant, when they are waiting on the order and once they start heading toward your location to deliver your food.

Washington was excited to meet her delivery driver and finally eat after a long day of classes and work. She quickly rushed out the door and hopped on the elevator. Her smile stretched from ear to ear. Once receiving her food, she hurried upstairs to indulge. It had been just what she been waiting for.

Washington stated, “I love Uber Eats because they give me the most variety in what I would like to eat. I don’t like the fact that I don’t know the driver and what he/she is doing to my food.”

Without another thought Washington ate her burger from Five Guys and began doing her homework. She continued to smile as she ate and sighed a sound of relief.

Delivery services among companies have increased in the past years. Grocery stores like Schnucks have added delivery services to their companies. All customers need to do is pick out groceries, selected a delivery time and an employee will deliver the groceries to the customer’s doorstep within an hour.

People are attracted to delivery services for many reasons. It is convenient because you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. You have minimal clean up after eating compared to cooking a meal. There are more variety options than you usually give yourself. However, the cost for these meals are not cheap. Depending on people’s food choice and how often they order food they can maybe spend up to $200 a week. Some delivery apps can limit people food choice based on their location. Sadly, people always run the chance of their order being wrong.

As technology advances all that we can really ask ourselves is what is next.