Caroline Groff, Staff Writer

ST. LOUIS – After being open for two years at The Grove, Grace Meat + Three manages to draw a sizable crowd, especially around 11 a.m. on a Thursday. The restaurant, which is opposite of cal-zone restaurant Sauce on the Side, serves southern comfort food that’s bound to keep customers coming back for more.

Located at 4270 Manchester Ave, Grace’s offers a bevy of food options on their brunch, lunch and dinner menu. Options such as the catfish po’boy and classic chicken sandwich pack a punch with thin, crispy coatings smothered in hot sauce aioli. The restaurant’s side dishes live up the hype as well, such as their home style garlic-whipped potatoes and gouda-fueled macaroni and cheese, which acts as a companion to any main course on the menu.

Grace offers some tasty options for the hungry St. Louisans and travelers alike, and they’re expanding their palette with the addition of their after-hours alternative, Grace Chicken + Fish.

Customers looking for a midnight pick-me-up after crawling the bars around The Grove will be delighted to hear there’s a restaurant that’s willing to serve a late-night crowd.

For a strip that is filled with restaurants, only a small few stay open for the nighttime crowd. Grace’s main restaurant, Meat + Three, follows this record, only staying open from 11am to 9pm Monday through Saturday and closing at 8pm on Sundays.

Owners Eric and Elisa Lewis saw the desire and decided to bring Grace Chicken + Fish into Tower Grove’s vibrant nightlife. They opened the window operation quietly on Sept. 27. The hours for the side-restaurant go from Friday and Saturdays, 11 p.m. until 3 a.m.

“I didn’t even know this was here, but I’m glad I saw it,” said Aly Camacho, a junior at Webster University. Out on the busy street, Camacho and the group she is huddled with grab a quick bite to eat to rally the troops. “It is a nice spot to grab something quick and continue on with the night,” said Camacho.

Hungry folks can walk right up to the side window –conveniently next to the yellow giant painted chicken on the wall –and choose from a plethora of on-the-go snacks perfect for those midnight snack munchies.

The new window also brings some new flavors to their menu. With their standard fried chicken staying a highlight for the new dining setup, there will also be fried shrimp exclusive to the Chicken + Fish addition, as well and some new featured sauces. With picnic tables set up on the sidewalk, customers can get their fried flavors to go or have a moonlit sit down.

The opening acts as a kind of experiment for the restaurant. With hopes to expand the fried goodness even further, Eric Lewis sees this as a stepping stone. “We’re going to purchase a food truck, probably in the not so distant future,” Lewis said in an interview with St. Louis Magazine. As they plan to test the market and find different areas for new locations, the possibilities seem endless.

For the late-night foodies of Tower Grove and beyond, Grace Meat + Three, with the addition of Chicken + Fish, aims to fuel the busy night life of the city. Check out the latest window eats on the next late-night trip to the Grove. For more information on hours, menu options, and take out options, call (314) 533-2700.