Heidi Ehlert, Contributing Writer

Bubble tea, a delicious treat originating from Asia has made its way to St. Louis. Usually made with tapioca pearls, milk, tea and other various ingredients, bubble tea is the perfect combination of sweet and refreshing. Cube Tea Studio has introduced many local St. Louisans to this Asian-style drink.

Cube Tea Studio, a small and quaint bubble tea shop is located next to the Olive Supermarket on Olive Boulevard, otherwise known as the Chinatown of St. Louis. The rattling of shopping carts and voices in all languages are some of sounds coming from Cube Tea Studio. According to Chen, a tea maker at Cube Tea Studio, “We love being part of the grocery store, it helps allow more people to come to our shop. Plus, the local Chinese residents are always shopping here.” Cube Tea Studio is not only for Chinese residents, the shop is welcoming of all people who have a love for bubble tea. Originally a bakery, the small corner shop decided to switch to bubble tea because of the lack of authentic bubble tea in St. Louis.

Walking into Cube Tea Studio you are greeted to the sounds of blenders and soft music playing from the classic radio in the corner. The menu causes confusion to many newcomers, but the friendly workers are always happy to help explain the drinks. Cube Tea Studio is known for their salted cream cheese foam drinks as well as their original brown sugar milk tea. According to Yuji Masaka, an avid Cube Tea Studio goer, “My favorite drink is the salted cream cheese mango tea! It is so authentic to what bubble tea is in Japan.” While Cube Tea Studio is known for its amazing Asian-style drinks, they are also popular because of the aesthetic vibe of the shop.

Cube Tea Studio is just a closet-sized bubble tea shop on the side of a grocery store, but once you walk in you are transported to a beautiful and simple Asian drink stand you might find hidden in Tokyo or Shanghai. Gray interior covers the shop, a full set of windows allowing the sun to shine in, simple and classy bubble tea cups line the counter as the workers navigate the small space with ease. Customers crowd around the two chairs talking in all different languages, Cube Tea Studio allows every customer to be transported to a shop across the globe.

Cube Tea Studio has not become the hot bubble tea place in St. Louis yet, but by the pace that they are improving and growing it will soon be a reality. Scout Hornkohl, a first timer at Cube Tea Studio was pleasantly surprised at her experience, “Honestly I was a little bit nervous to go at first, but once I was greeted by the workers, I felt fine! This was my first time trying authentic bubble tea and I loved it. This is my new favorite bubble tea place!” The menu and atmosphere can be intimidating, but everyone at Cube Tea Studio is interested in making the experience enjoyable and delicious for every customer.

Bubble tea, a sweet and addicting treat popular across all of Asia has now taken St. Louis by storm. Cube Tea Studio might be fairly new and small, but they intend to make a huge impact on this city. Next time you have a craving for something sweet and refreshing stop by Cube Tea Studio in Chinatown and fall in love with bubble tea!