By Roderick M. Wilbon, Sports Editor

Dave and Susan Dyer were both in the convention business as vendors for many years. As vendors, they worked conventions all over the United States. After attending so many different events they learned the business of producing a convention. They examined the pros and cons of the business and decided to start their own: Contamination. Their sixth version happens November 4 and 5 at Crowne Plaza St. Louis Airport.

In 2005, the Dyers came up with the general ideas of Contamination. They are big fans of pop-culture and noticed an absence of it in the Midwest. Their vendor experience lead to them building relationships with celebrity guests. They lean more to the Sci-fi and Horror side, but overall love pop-culture. They finalized the roadmap and started the company Dyer Straits Productions. This move lead to Contamination’s first version that would come to life in 2010. Dave is the frontman of their partnership with Susan being the behind the scenes manager. “I’m totally more of the fanboy between the two of us,” said Dave. “I really love Sci-fi and Horror.”

Every year Contamination has an overall theme based off the time of year and celebrity guests that are introduced. The promoters build the lineup with the mindset to have a small intimate con with a big con feel. They like to keep the con-goer in mind for every year. “It’s more than a con, but a large meetup of like-minded people,” said Dave. “It’s less business for fans and more of a true experience.”

This year Contamination 6 is the weekend after Halloween, so it will have a larger Horror theme. November 3, the first day of the convention, is free. The Haunted House and the Movie room will be the only things open and available to everyone. The movie room will be centered around the celebrity guests coming. They will be showing horror, sci-fi, and pop-culture movies and tv shows. On November 4, the con will fully be open including the show floor with vendors, artist alley, and celebrity guests. There will be a big cosplay/costume contest for prizes on Saturday. “We are encouraging everyone to cosplay and dress up this year,” said Susan. “Especially for the cosplay contest.”

Some of the celebrity guests at this point are Ann Robinson, most known for portraying Sylvia Van Buren in the movie, “The War of the Worlds;” Naomi Grossman, most known for portraying Pepper in, “American Horror Story;” Felix Silla, who portrayed Cousin Itt in “Adams Family,” an Ewok in “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,” and Dink in “Spaceballs;” Deborah Estelle Philips, who portrayed Katie on, “Power Rangers Time Force;” George P. Wilbur, who is a stuntman and actor and known mostly for role as Michael Myers in, “Halloween.”  There are more celebrity guests on the roster and the possibility of more on the way.

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