By Louis Meyer, Guest Writer

For the Meyer family, the University of Missouri-St. Louis has become more than just a school- it has become a tradition. Four members of the family have graduated from UMSL, with one scheduled to graduate in 2019, and one set to join to UMSL community in the fall of 2019. It is obvious that the family considers UMSL their “go to” educational institution.

The tradition started in the fall of 1965 when David Meyer, BA 1969, enrolled at UMSL to study psychology. While at UMSL, David played soccer for Hall of Fame Coach Don Dallas. When asked why he chose UMSL, David said, “It was an affordable education and it was in town.”

The tradition continued in 1973, when Greg Meyer, BSEd 1975, transferred from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. When asked why he transferred to UMSL, Greg said, “I wanted to come back to St. Louis and UMSL gave me a quality education at a fair price.” He graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor in Education. He later went back to UMSL to get his Master of Education degree in 1984.

For the next 21 years, UMSL was without a member of the family until Kristen, BA 2009, enrolled in the fall of 2005. Following in her father David’s footsteps, she graduated with a bachelor degree in psychology. When asked why she chose UMSL she said, “I chose UMSL because both my father and uncle went there, plus it was affordable and local.”

Front Row: Kristen Meyer ’09 David Meyer ’69 Back Row: Donald Meyer ’21 Louis Meyer ’19 Greg Meyer ’75 David James Meyer ’16. Photo by Louis Meyer.

Next up was Kristen’s brother and David’s son, David James Meyer, BA 2016. He transferred to UMSL in 2014 after graduating from St. Louis Community College. When asked why he transferred he said, “My dad and sister both graduated from there, to me it seemed like the most logical choice.” He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

Louis Meyer, junior, communications, son of Greg, was the next to attend UMSL. He enrolled in the fall of 2015 planning to major in education, but then switched to a communications major. When asked why he chose UMSL he said, “I chose UMSL because it allowed me to stay in St. Louis and continue working at Ted Drewes, where I receive $5,000 a year towards my education on top of getting paid. Not to mention my cousin David James was already there and my father, uncle, and cousin had gone there.” Louis expects to graduate in either the spring or fall of 2019.

Donald is the only one pictured that is not at UMSL-yet. Donald is currently a freshman at East Central Community College in Union, Missouri. However, he plans to transfer in the fall of 2019, upon graduating with his associates degree. He hopes to follow the footsteps of his uncle David by playing soccer and of his father Greg Meyer  by majoring in education.

There is also a member of the Meyer family that is not pictured, Gretchen. She is the youngest of the family and is currently a sophomore at Lutheran High School South in Afton, Missouri. She does not currently have a college in mind yet, but rest assured, UMSL will be on her list.

Since UMSL was founded in 1963, lots of things have changed. New recreation center, new buildings, different teachers, different students, and higher costs. One of the few things that seems to be staying the same, is the family’s dedication to attending this school. UMSL can be proud of the educational impact they are having on the residents of the St. Louis metropolitan area and beyond. Obviously the high educational standards are creating family traditions that will provide ongoing student enrollment in the future.


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