Kat Riddler, Managing Editor

Coming back from Fall Break, students may notice that the Colleges Against Cancer student group changed its name to Tritons for a Cure.

The official name change happened on November 16 before break. President of Tritons for a Cure Madeline Eschbacher, senior, theater and communication, said the change was to allow the student group to work with a variety of organizations not just the American Cancer Society.

Eschbacher said, “We changed it because we disaffiliated from American Cancer Society. Previously, American Cancer Society was our parent organization, so we could only fundraise for and work with them. This way, we are able to work with a multitude of organizations, both nationally and locally.”

The group has been making social media posts on their facebook, twitter and instagram about the name change. Their social media handles are @UMSLtfac. They have also sent out emails and a TritonSync message. They will be distributing marketing materials and tabling in the Millennium Student Center in December to also get the word out.

In the TritonSync message Eschenbacher wrote, “All of us have been affected by cancer, and this change will allow us to support local entities that have supported your loved ones through this ugly disease.We are looking for excited individuals ready to take on this mission as well.”

The mission statement of the group changed to incorporate the shift in the name. Eschbacher said, “Tritons For A Cure is an organization committed to the mission of raising awareness for cancer, fundraising for research efforts, and volunteering with organizations sharing our mission.”

Eschbacher is looking forward to the changes to start taking place and to get the word out about events for next semester. She said, “I’m very very much looking forward to getting this organization back on its feet. It was a rough couple semesters, but I was not going to let it die. My favorite event is Relay for Life, so that’s what I’m most excited for. However, we are changing it up a bit this year, so stay tuned.”

Next semester they are also planning a new karaoke event, Kiss Away Cancer, as a Valentine’s Day fundraiser. They are also looking to host a mid-term stress reliever with Car Smash along with their big event of Relay for Life in April. They just completed their tenth year for Relay for Life. No dates have been confirmed, updates will be posted on their social media when they are available.

The group will have a new logo and look, but the requirements to join the group will be the same: any University of Missouri-St. Louis student may join.

Eschbacher said, “We would love more involvement.” Interested students should contact Tritons for a Cure on TritonSync or email Eschenbacher at mre5k7@mail.umsl.edu.