By Harold Crawford, Staff Writer

Vice President of Student Government Association Sammi Risius, junior, media studies, has been serving the students of the University of Missouri-St. Louis for several years now. Risius was a senator and a secretary for a year before she ran for Vice President of SGA.

Risius said, “I joined UMSL because of variety of opportunity this campus has to offer.” She is very involved with the plethora of organizations on campus. She said, “I joined Student Government Association to be the voice for UMSL students and help improve our campus community.”
Risius said, “When I came to UMSL, I did not know anybody here. An alumni told me about there experience at UMSL so I choice the trident.”

It was not the first time Sammi was the new kid on the block. Sammi is the daughter of Marines. She was born in Okakanwia, Japan. She has moved several times on this globe. She has lived in Missouri the longest amount of time.

Risius stressed the importance of taking an extra step while at UMSL. She said, “Yes, of course education is first but just going to school just going to class can be really boring. Through getting involved you can get more out of your college expertise. You can make life long friends and memories, networking connections, skills and experience that sets you apart in your career field, and get you more engaged in your classes. When you get involved you look forward to coming to campus each day.”

She explained her first experience coming to UMSL. She said, “When I came to UMSL, I came the day before classes started. If I didn’t get involved I wouldn’t know a single person and I wouldn’t have become the leader I am today.”

Along with being part of SGA, Risius is a member of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority and is the reigning White Rose Queen of Sigma Tau Gamma. She loves being part of the student groups, especially SGA. Risius said, “One of the best things about our SGA is the diversity in culture and age. We have a freshman through graduate students on this year’s Senate and I’m real excited about that.” Risius continued, “I get a lot of practice with public speaking especially with SGA.”

Risius has dyslexia which is a disability that can make people confuse the sound of words and make reading difficult. Risius makes no excuses and meets with teachers and uses special methods. Risius said, I think that dyslexia is a weakness. I have difficulties of reading and writing. I might trip over words, so I try to stay calm. I have people check over my work. Risius works hard and keeps over a 3.O grade point average. She proves that anyone can be successful and a leader on this campus.
After college, she said she will still be involved

Risius said, “I’m not going to do something as serious as run for the president of the United States but I would like to run for local government. I will be president of my future children’s PTA. I like keeping busy, one of my biggest fears is after college not having anything to do.’’