Constitution Day is an annual opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to renew and broaden their understanding of the Constitution as they commemorate the 1787 signing of the Constitution on September 17.

Monday commemorated the day with a Constitution Day Poll. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., attendees could stop by a table in front of The U to answer the question: out of the three branches of governance, where does the power lie? Jenga blocks were used to visually represent answers. Participants could also answer the question via an online google poll if they did not stop by the table.

Participants could also pick up a card from the table with the question, “If you had the power to do something truly good, for others, for your community, what would you do?” The question had to be answered in 10 words or less. The answers were posted on the bridge.

The Constitution Day celebrations ended with notice of the National Voter Registration Day on September 26. A special voter registration drive will be held that day to have Missouri residents fill out the voter registration application. Within seven days of receiving the registration, the election authority should mail verification that the registration has been received and process.