Angie O'Dell, Staff Writer

On the evening of August 24, the staff at the University Meadows, on the south campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis created and put on an awesome event known as The Watermelon Feast for its new, returning and International residents. People had to bring a canned good to donate to the Pagedale Community Center, or in lieu of a canned good, they could bring a dollar.

According to Arron Winter, night and weekend programming graduate assistant, this is one of two events that the Meadows puts on annually in order to benefit the Pagedale Community Center, as well as local farmers. “I know all the watermelon came from Global Farmer’s Market here in Normandy,” Winter said.

The event offered a live band while students walked about, eating the succulent fruit. Guests entertained themselves by taking part in a volleyball tournament, and a watermelon face painting and decorating contest. “I am excited for the music,” Erica Preiss, senior, criminal justice, said.

The watermelon decorating table drew in students by the number, some expressing their artistic skill through rainbows. By the end of the day, there was a whole table of fancy fruit, best in show going to a melon with headphones made from pipe cleaners. Other materials included, but were not limited to paints, stick on eyeballs and glitter.

The volleyball tournament started after increasing numbers of well-fed students began looking for a way to increase their energy. Not one to sit around, Meadows Leasing Assistant, Ashley Aubuchon, junior, nursing, got the game going.

What started as a few players warming up turned into a tournament of healthy competition. Both team and community spirit seemed to run rampant, and everyone was having a great time. Players were having fun while promoting a good cause.

The band, comprised of members of the on-campus Mu Alpha, performed as a cover band, covering tunes made famous by popular rock bands. “I like the live band, I know the drummer, and I like to eat watermelon too, so it is pretty cool,” Nikki Wiltshire, junior, communications, said. Lead singer, Dave Jackson, senior, liberal studies, paired with the rest of the band, to give a superb performance, belting out popular tunes such as “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Seven Nation Army,” “Sweet Child of Mine,” and “Free bird.” People sat by the pool listening to guitar riffs of classic rock songs.

Students were clapping and dancing around the pool, causing more people to flood out of their apartments and join the festivities. There was a colorful, light-hearted mood in the air.

Student, Yazeed Abohaimed, sophomore, business administration, came out for the band’s guitarist, Cesar Molina. “I am glad I am supporting my friend’s band,” Abohaimed said.

As the event began to wind down, people were carrying leftover melon slices and whole melons back to their apartments.

By: Angie O’Dell, Staff Writer