Ashley Atkins, Features Editor

Last Thursday, Josh McVicar the Trickster, had the audience roaring with laughter in the JC Penney building auditorium at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

The University Program Board were the organizers of the event. McVicar has been at the game since the tender age of fifteen when he would put on magic and hypnotism shows for his fellow classmates. From then on, he has been professionally trained at his craft.

“I was Google searching hypnotist and Youtube searching hypnotist and he seemed to be one of the best one’s in the area,” UPB member, Scott Morrissey, junior, Spanish, said.

After a brief introduction and rule declaration by McVicar, people in the crowd waited in anticipation as those chosen to be hypnotized were placed in position. When the music started to play, different emotion took over the bunch on stage. Guys, determined to keep their dominance and dignity, smirked in disbelief. Two women sitting upstage were blushing in excitement; they had clearly committed themselves to the possibility of magic.

As his minions shut their eyes, he started to lull them to sleep with the dragging of his voice. They clung on to every word, some barely avoiding falling out of their chairs. Half of the audience pointed and laughed at their friends on stage. A few pulled out their phones to savoir the moment.

When McVicar was confident that the participants had reached their greatest point of relaxation, he started talking about a rise and decrease in temperature in the auditorium. Those on stage went from shivering to nearing removing their clothing. What followed was the impression that their own lookers were sitting in the crowd naked. So, in reverse, they pointed to their friends in the audience. They were disgusted.

Next, McVicar asked those on stage to help him save Tinker bell by running out into the crowd and clapping at the audience. The scene resembled a pep rally minus the cheerleading outfits. But, the climax of the night happened when the participants were asked to be on the Jerry Springer Show.

Students were accusing each other of infidelity. One student accused another of sleeping with her father. The crowd nearly died. Things were wrapped up in a pop dance party.

Audience member, Iffie Ehovuon, junior, criminology, enjoyed her friend’s almost striptease during the fabricated heat wave on stage, as well as the physical reaction with the audience.

“My favorite part was the dancing, it was so hilarious,” she said. “It was just amazing; I loved everything.”

Hypnotist participant, Lauren Peebles, spent the next hour, after the show, wondering why people were talking about her.

“I wish I could say I knew what experience exactly you are talking about, all I know is I feel like I have been asleep for a good six to eight hours and I feel refreshed,” Peebles said. “I feel like going to go run and I suddenly am absolutely in love with the color red, everything red makes me feel inspired.” She also felt as if she gained courage and love, all the way down to her red belt, red cuffs, and her red hair clips.

By: Ashley Atkins, Features Editor