By Latwuanna Troupe

Social Media Director


Over three years ago the property now known as Suburban Heights Student Village was spotted by Property and Operations Manager Michael Becker and a group of other eager investors. With backgrounds in Real Estate and Development, they saw this as a great opportunity and decided to invest in it. After being green spaced for decades, this property was long overdue for redevelopment due to a great need for nice housing. They believed that this property was purposeful and could be used to better serve the community as a whole. Located in Kinloch, Missouri, it has grabbed the attention of many people, especially students from all around St. Louis with the UMSL student body responding favorably. As Kinloch is developing to become a new and improved community for its residents, they are in full support of the developments Suburban Heights is making to the area.

When introduced to the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Suburban Heights Student Village became the face for affordable housing for students. They are marketing themselves as the place to be for students. Being the new kid on the block, they have really made an effort to stay at the forefront for what the student needs in adequate housing. “I would say their attentiveness to their residents is excellent. In my own experience I’ve been a resident for over a year now and every maintenance request has been taken care of in a very timely manner. The management seems to care about their property and their residents,” said DeAnna Monroe, senior, media studies. They even support UMSL campus organizations through numerous advertisements to get their name out there.

Considering the other options students have, Suburban Heights could be in a league of its own. They offer UMSL students a one bedroom apartment for $475, two bedrooms for $525, and three bedroom apartments for $625. They also offer more convenient living situations by including free Wi-Fi and a washer-dryer set in every apartment. “Suburban Heights has given me everything I need to be successful in college when I’m at home. Honestly, if it weren’t for the Wi-Fi, I wouldn’t have been able to pass, and this was the only place that I could afford,” said Amber Whitaker, sophomore, psychology.

There are full time students from universities across the St. Louis region and beyond who live there. They have students from different states like Minnesota and countries such as China, Nigeria, Liberia, and Mexico residing in their complexes. Diversity abounds. Suburban Heights is also home to students who have returned home from the military. These are certain details that students are made aware of upon moving in. “This is another aspect of safety, students living with students, colleagues living with colleagues,” said Becker.

The next step for Suburban Heights is to institute a shuttle system that will make transportation to and from the apartments much easier. They understand how proximity is also an important part to students’ success, but they do not use this as a way to take advantage of students previously attracted to their modest price ranges.

While they continue to promote their theme of student living, they are looking forward to one day having the support from universities. “We are still eagerly waiting for UMSL’s response to our theme housing,” said Becker. “We believe in our superior service because we truly care about every one of our tenants from the bottom of our hearts.”

Until then, Suburban Heights Student Village is not affiliated with any particular university, yet it will continue to cater to the needs of the average student with adequate, affordable housing.



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