The Writing Department is comprised of staff writers for the newspaper. Their duties are as follows, write assigned stories, report directly to appropriate section editor, maintain contact with section editor and photographer assigned to the story throughout production, responsible for coming up with stories and getting approval to write them from the appropriate section editor, attend weekly meetings, meet all applicable deadlines, provide content a minimum of one story every four weeks during the semester.

The section editors who oversee the staff writers have slightly different duties. The sections are News, Features, Arts and Entertainment (A&E), Opinions, and Sports. They must generate and assign stories to staff writers each week, attend and come prepared to section head meetings, write stories for their section on a weekly basis if necessary, conduct investigative reports when applicable, handle correspondence related to news, keep friendly relations with UMSL community, maintain contact with reporters throughout production week, assign and coordinates photos with Photography Editor, meet and ensures all writers in section meet applicable deadlines, copy edit all writer’s stories and provide feedback, and train his or her replacement.


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