The Current Student Newspaper offers volunteer, internship/practicum, and pay opportunities to the University of Missouri- St. Louis’ students. Below is a list of the opportunities that The Current has to offer:

Section Editors – Generate and assign stories to staff writers. Write and take pictures for the paper.

Photography Editor or Staff Photographer – Photographers take photos for the Photography editor to edit, usage of photo editing software is preferred but not required.

Multimedia Editor – In charge of videos and radio footage or tape and editing.

Distribution Manager – In charge of distribution of newspaper over campus

Social Media Director – Manages the app: The Buzz: UMSL Daily and also all social media aspects.

Staff Writers – Write stories for the paper on any topics pertaining to UMSL.

Production Editor – In charge of editing before the production of the newspaper.

Web Editor – Manages webpage on wordpress and posts stories and learns basic web developing skills.

Archivist – Records meeting minutes and important information during meetings. Update Triton Sync and contact sheets. Archive old issues of the paper.

Please save and fill out the form below before sending it to Thank you.

The Current Application – 2016