By Kat Riddler, Editor-in-Chief

“It’s dangerous to go alone,” is a phrase that every “Legend of Zelda” fan knows. The newest installment of the series “Triforce Heroes,” really enforces this motto.

“Triforce Heroes” is for the Nintendo 3DS and is a sequel to the “Link between Worlds” game released two years prior. The gameplay graphics of “Triforce Heroes” are similar to its predecessor.

In this game, Link travels to Hytopia and stumbles upon a town that needs help. The Princess Styla is cursed to wear a black jumpsuit instead of her gorgeous outfits. The townspeople, who are equally obsessed with fashion, are afraid that they will be targeted by the witch, Lady Maud, who cursed Styla. The king sends three heroes into the Drablands to track down the witch and free Princess Styla from being forced to wear a jumpsuit for the rest of her life. For real, Link battles the evil of fashion instead of Ganon. I am not thrilled.

The gameplay is similar to other Legend of Zelda games where the player has to work through puzzle dungeons, defeat the boss, and collect items and Rupees. In this game, however, there are multiple heroes. Players can choose to travel alone, but have to have two dolls—or Dopples—go along on the journey with them. They can play multiplayer online or with friends. The game centers on three heroes to create totems by stacking on top of one another to work together through the dungeons. Unless you have friends with the game or want to play online, you will have to switch between Dopples for control—or literally pick them up and throw them to move them. It is time consuming and hard to switch between the Dopples during a boss fight.

The item system is not enjoyable compared to other Zelda games. Dungeons have four levels and at the end, the player chooses one of three chests to receive an item. Monsters do not drop items. Players have to replay through dungeons several times for items they need for creating outfits in town. Players can also participate in challenges for a higher chance of finding a needed item at the end of a dungeon. But once again, it is still chance. This is frustrating if you want to create certain outfits.

All three characters have a sword and a special attack. At the beginning of the dungeon, each hero will have to pick up a special weapon (e.g. bow or gripshot). Instead of a collection of items to sort through and use, these are the only items that can be used. Once the special weapon is chosen for a character, it cannot be switched until the player re-enters the dungeon. Limiting the dungeon with only a max use of three items makes the levels a bit repetitive. It is a strain on single player because of the switch to the Dopple with the weapon to defeat a monster or boss.

Overall, this is not set up to be single player friendly. It further excludes single players by offering outfits that can only be made by Friendly Tokens—and the only way to have a Friendly Token is to play with a friend. The downloadable content released in December is supposed to allow players to buy Friendly Tokens after saving Princess Styla. But who wants to buy things because they do not have friends?

Before you put “Triforce Heroes” on your holiday wish list, make sure you know “it’s dangerous to go alone,” or at least frustrating to play single player with this game.

Grade: C+