Kristen Dragotto, A&E Editor

Ariana Grande has become a household name becoming iconic with her astounding four-octave vocal range and her classic high ponytail. The 25-year-old singer released her newest album “Thank U, Next” Feb. 8.

Grande has not only managed to achieve success in her career but also balance her personal life which has been under scrutiny over the last few months. Online critic Rob Harvilla took note of this in his article “Ariana Grande Just Beat the Boys by Joining them” where he wrote, “Ariana Grande…in the past three months, a genuinely distressing amount of public trauma and grief to process (publicly) for someone who is only 25.”

It has been her ability to overcome every obstacle that has been in front of her and still reach success that makes her such an idol for fans. That quality combined with honesty that is in her music that makes her exceptional.

Grande has slowly published singles over the past couple of months. She released the single that gave the album its name, “Thank U, Next” in November 2018. This single took fans by storm becoming a No. 1 single. In January 2019 the singer released “7 Rings” which became her second No. 1 single

The songs on the album are clearly inspired from Grande’s past relationships. Online critic Rawiya Kameir stated, “Though Thank U, Next’s 12 songs are inspired by romantic and sexual relationships taken together, they are actually assertions and affirmations of self, a reflection of millennial group chats the world over.”

This album has proved to be more than relatable for fans all over the world. While fans may not have the same experiences to the stories each song tells, Grande’s latest album is able to invoke emotions we are all familiar with grief, love and heartache.

In her song “goshtin,” she makes reference to not only her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller who died of a drug overdose in September 2018 but also Pete Davidson her ex-fiancé: “I know it breaks your heart when I cry again over him.” It was this song that took the internet by storm as fans began to speculate it was similar to Miller’s song “2009.” It is songs like this one that tug on fans’ heart strings that make them love Grande that much more.

This latest album presented Grande in a new way, becoming the perfect evolution of the music she has produced over the last few years, becoming a combination of rap, pop and rhythm and blues. It is her unique sound that album possess that allows it to reach audiences in different genres of music.

Fans can only imagine what the next masterpiece she creates will be after the release of this newest album. “Thank U, Next” is arguably Ariana Grande’s greatest album and is more than worth the $12 you spend for it.

If you enjoy this latest Grande album, she is scheduled to come to St. Louis Saturday, July 6, and will be performing at the Enterprise Center.